Today, we use the equivalent of four planets to live in a French way, seven to live in an American way. Our Western way of life has become the reference model for all human populations. In this gigantic short-term system, less than 10% of the world’s population holds 83% of the World’s resources.

Our civilization is hurrying towards its potential extinction. As we continue to drink, eat, live, play, and move as we do, we are over-consuming the planet’s ecosystems and resources, which are losing their precious ability to regenerate themselves: massive deforestation, declining plant and animal biodiversity, war, water shortages, ocean acidification, sterile soils, diseases of civilization, recurring crises, waste accumulation, social inequality, famine, disenchantment of the world, media manipulation and the critical rise of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are at work. We are at war with the human race, at war with the forests, at war with animals, at war with our own values ​​and common sense. We could easily sink into pessimism, give in to anger or accelerate the process of destruction if we keep consuming as we do.

And yet, there are other answers that are much more appropriate. Indeed, in permaculture it is not the problems that interest us but the solutions, and as Bill Molisson, one of the founders, said: “While the problems of the world are increasingly complicated, their solutions are shamefully simple “


There are as many definitions of permaculture as there are people. Trying to define permaculture is a bit like trying to define life.

Permaculture is a code of ethics, a philosophy, a science, a method and an art of designing, developing, planning and organizing living spaces, systems and functional ecosystems. The fundamental concern of permaculture is caring, sustainability, efficiency, resilience, and sharing.

In line with the free and powerful forces and spontaneous processes of regeneration and self-regulation of natural systems, it uses ancestral knowledge as well as modern knowledge to make its home in a wider sense (its body, its home , its village, its region, its country, its planet) a harmonious, nourishing, autonomous, ecosystem that respects nature and all its inhabitants.


Our project fits in the short term of pleasure, the middle term of fulfillment, the long term of the planet, and the inexistence of the time of the Wise.

Our values ​​are:

Taking care of the Earth and the Living

Take caring of Humanity and Animals

Sharing the Wonders of Knowledge, Skills and Abundance

The more complex the tools used by societies, the less the livelihoods of individuals remain within their reach. The resulting loss of generalized self-sufficience (“alienation”) allows the unlimited exploitation of anything that lives on this planet.

In order to reclaim our lives and put life back at the heart of any process


To promote concrete ecology and sustainable autonomy by meeting basic needs: to feed, to live, to love, to flourish, and not to pollute.

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift and that’s why it’s called the present” Master Oogway

To provide effective solutions against global warming and the destruction of the planet (agriculture being the first source of greenhouse gas, far ahead of transport and construction.) Find out how here.

“Do not take of the land more than it can offer” Indian proverb

To fight against wars and voluntary servitude by helping everyone to work on their universal human qualities and to use emancipation and commitment to a benevolent transition.

“The true knowledge is a know-how, and the true know-how is a know-how to do good” Pierre Hadot

On site, come to discover self-reliant techniques based around food (permaculture, garden-forest, spirulina, greenhouse …), housing (eco-building, earth-straw construction, geodesic dome, kerterre …), energy (solar thermal panels, photovoltaic cells, wind turbines, water heaters, solar cooker, rocket stove, mass stove), water (phyto-purification, rainwater collection, natural water filtering, carbon sink energization, controlled organic litter facilities), tools for emancipation and fulfillment (yoga, philosophy, creative design workshop, poetry, music) and much more …

At the beginning of an adventure that promises a wealth of learning, smiles, introspection, creativity and sharing, you can keep up to date with the upcoming opening of Chival.