Born under the impulse of Love, Chival is a return to our roots, a quest for harmony and serenity around nature, a lucid and benevolent look at your inner self, and an invaluable opening to the world.

Under the sun of the hinterlands of Nice, surrounded by majestic mountains and invigorating rivers, it is a preserved and wild space where plant and animal biodiversity can freely flourish.

The CHIVAL association brings together yoga (universal philosophy, practice of postures, breathing, meditation), permaculture (natural, resilient and sustainable agriculture, food, energy and material self-sufficiency, eco-construction, mutual aid); and animals (recognition of animal sensitivity, plant-based food, conservation of natural and wild areas, protection of terrestrial and aquatic biodiversity, inter-species solidarity).

Between May and October, you could spend a week or more in the renovated shepherd’s cottage, more than two centuries old, near the charming village of Villars sur Var. Find out the available dates for various retreats and conferences that take place throughout the year in the schedule tab to come and experiment, practice and promote concrete solutions to meet the challenges and basic needs of humanity and its children, while protecting the planet and its environment, as well as the many species that compose it.